Helpful Links
One of the very best in salary comparison web sites. Geography, function and level of experience can be used to generate a graphic chart of salary ranges. The results are presented as a table, and can be manipulated to distinguish between base pay and total compensation. Descriptions of titles, a glossary of terms and an FAQ help place results in context. Additional resources are listed along with results. Navigation is easy and the overall design is very sharp.

Interactive tools, re-location and home buying resource guides. Many other sites rely on Homefair as the source for their relocation information. Here you can also find city reports, salary and community calculators.

Microsoft Network Home Advisor
Real estate listing and services with resources grouped under themes like: Getting Started, Offer & Closing, Neighborhoods and Homes. Financing info and mortgage rates are available.

Yahoo!'s relocation listings
Yahoo! lists dozens of relocation companies, web services, and directories. You can also use Yahoo! to search for information about cities, metro regions and other countries. A general directory service like Yahoo! is a good start for casual inquiries about cities.

Neighborhood Information Search lets you search by city name or ZIP and renders statistics and links about any US location.

Relocation Central
A relocation resources gateway with good U.S. listings. Provides links for information about real estate, shopping, schools, and other topics.
A "one-stop-shopping" relocation information and services site, providing original content, compiled statistics, relocation calculators and links to many other useful sites. The link for "international moving" offers good general info about visas, culture shock, families and medical coverage.

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